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TOP-10 extraordinary haircuts for thin hair

Thin and rare hair is a headache for most women. After all, it splits, gets confused, faster gets dirty, as well as more afraid of the sun and cold wind. And when times come to do packing, hair doesn’t obey: a volume at the roots is not held on, and pigtails and tails are looking not very attractive, although is used a great amount of varnish and hair foam. But there is always a way out if you pick up a good hairstyle. On the site, we will consider unusual haircuts, which turn thin hair into lush chevelure.

  1. Bob

Such haircut suits any type of face. Another feature of Bob in that it has many variants. Here are some of the most interesting ones:

  • Bob-caret. A mix of the multi-layered and smooth ladder on the nape of bob, precise сut of the bob and asymmetrical bang makes the image fresh and brave. 


  • Long bob different in that from neck too long hair there is a smooth transition. This haircut especially effective looks in tandem with blond. 


  • Flaky bob – such haircut has a length to the cheekbones and thereby increases the volume of hair.

How appeared this haircut, read in an article, following the link.

  1. Shaved nape

It is a brave brand. Such hairstyle fine underlines a long female neck bend. It especially creative looks, if there are beautiful traceries and ornaments on the shaved areas.

  1. Asymmetry 

A length and contour game is a nice effect. It lets to achieve thick hair and stylish image if to make a side parting. But, such haircut is very diffiсult, so entrust this work to experienced master.  

  1. Pixie with long bang 

Such variant doesn’t need special packing. In order to get volume, have enough to dry strands by the dryer and to use gel. By the way, the bang can become excellent raisin, if from her to braid an easy pigtail.

  1. Ragged Caret 

It is classics of the genre. A cut of such hairstyle can be not only flat but raggy. Such variant especially beautiful looks with light-colored tips. 

  1. Haircut with direct cut

Thin hair often has quite thinned tips. It seems, that in this part hair absent. To solve this problem can a direct cut. Such variant makes strands lush.

  1. Grunge 

Such a variant is very practical because it not need many times for packing. Have enough only to apply some mousse on hair and to dry them fingers. With ragged tips and easy negligence, you will be looking daring. 

  1. Short haircut with long and slanting bang

Some hair on the nape and long slanting bang, that falls on the face is an ideal variant for refined ladies. Such haircut looks nice, if hair sheens, and a bang aligned by iron, laid forward and directed on the side. 

  1. French haircut 

This haircut first has tasted by Joan of Arc. Since then it has been not losing its popularity. The bang and volume on the nape hide defects and underline accomplishments. 

  1. Graduation 

Such a technique will like women with long and thin hair, that splits and breaks off. Because, making this haircut, master shears off weak and dead tips. Herewith hair length persists. 

All these haircuts will turn you into beauty with volume hair, but only on condition daily care and packing.