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How to choose a haircut under the shape of the face

You accidentally saw a celebrity photo in a trendy magazine. And the first thing that caught your eye it her hairstyle. Now you want the same haircut. But, you will be disappointed that not every hairstyle can fit your appearance. You need to choose exactly the haircut that the best suits the shape of your face. We will try to sort out how to found your perfect variant. 

Oval face

If you are the owner of such shape, you are very lucky. Because it is ideal. For it suits any hairstyle. You can wear classic caret, bob, long curls – in general, whatever you want. And if you like to experiment, your face will give you this opportunity. Different bows, headbands, and hairpins – all these details can be a beautiful addition to your image.

Round face

For this shape suits, not every haircut. So far as here plump cheeks and full chin, that makes face flat, forget about haircuts without a bang, bob with a straight bang, smooth pixie, and loose curls. 

In order to visually stretch your face a little, pay attention at following variants:

  • medium length haircuts with slanting parting;
  • asymmetrical haircuts;
  • hairstyles with bangs
  • elongated cascade.

Heart shaped face

For such the shape ideal suits long curly hair with slanting bang. Also looks great medium length hairstyle. But volumetric pixie, lush bob, and straight bang better avoid.

Square face 

Such shape differs a high forehead and heavy chin, as a result, stand out cheekbones. In order to smooth the corners a little, try a ladder, cascade with slanting bang, chin-length bob or long curls. But forget about pixie with a straight bang and bob length to the chin.

Pear-shaped face

Having plump cheeks, narrow forehead and heavy chin, look at haircuts with the great volume on the top and soft curls, that descend to the chin. Such variant perfectly hides narrow forehead. But haircut with volume in the lower face looks ridiculous.

Elongated face

If to see on such face, it seems too narrow and thin. In order to correct this small defect, try a haircut with bulky wavy hair and arched bang or curly hairstyle with a smooth bang. But remember: long hair with slanting bang is taboo for elongated shape.

Rhomboid face

On account of the narrow forehead and chin cheekbones seem very wide. In order to correct them a little, make a medium length cascade, elongated bob or pixie with ripped strands. And lush short haircuts with a straight bang and bulk pixie do not suit for the rhomboid face.

Now you know, how haircut suits for your face the best. Try, experiment and change your appearance.