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TOP-7 mod asymmetric haircuts, that attract the attention of others

You have already tried and a ladder, and a cascade, and a caret and many other haircuts, but you want something new, interesting and unusual? Try an asymmetry – the haircut, at which one side is short, and other – long and at an angle. Such hairstyle immediately attracts attention. It looks stylishly, freshly and creatively on smooth and curly hair. The asymmetric haircut perfectly suits for young girls, that like to express yourself. In this article, we will share with you some variants of such hairstyle. 

1.Layered short haircut

This is a nice hairstyle, that creates a brave image. Great volume from one side, easy carelessness, and asymmetrical bang look especially effective in tandem with an unusual color of hair. A light purple is the best shade for this haircut.

2.Bob with undercut 

Such contrast is on the wave of popularity. Undercut side give courage and audacity, and side with straight or wavy strands, falling down on the face, reveals femininity. This is an ideal variant for those, who want simultaneously shows both courage and light female mood.

3.Asymmetrical pixie 

The uniqueness of this hairstyle is that is it is simultaneously cheeky, brave and beautiful. Especially striking a huge variety of such haircut. A variant with side bang, multi-layered pixie with a long bang, shortened pixie on curly hair – all these variants look stunningly.

4.Asymmetry on the curly hair 

The asymmetry looks great on any hair, especially on the curls. In this case, one short, and other long wavy side brings to the image a note of playfulness. It is a good variant for dynamic girls. 

  1. Haircut with asymmetrical bang 

This variant suits girls, who like to be in the center of attention. A cropped asymmetrical bang in conjunction with side-swept fringe perfectly complements the image. Especially effective it looks if the hair is dyed green.

  1. Haircut on the straight strands

If you are the owner of straight hair, such variant for you. This haircut doesn’t need in creating texture. It looks interesting if strands are perfectly smooth, and parting is oblique.

  1. Asymmetrical shag 

Soft layers of torn strands create volume, airiness and easy negligence. But wherein a shaggy haircut looks naturally. Asymmetry gives to the image special balance and uniqueness. It ideal suits for oval face. Asymmetrical strands gently fall of, naturally framing the face, in this way smoothing it’s the angularity and elongation.

If you want to cardinal change your appearance, all these haircuts will help you achieve this. These wonderful variants will bring a fresh touch to the image and will be a great way to express yourself.