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How Often Should You Get Your Hair Highlighted?

Hairstyling plays a vital role for women. The women select the style that suits the face well. The question may come to your mind that how often to highlight hair. This depends are various factors and individuals. Here we discuss some relevant aspects for your guidance.

If you are searching for the highlights for light brown hair on, you need to consider the natural color of your hair. Otherwise, it may give the appearance that may be unsuitable for you. Please follow the below guidelines for a lovely hairdo!

What Is Highlight Of Hair?

The various hairdos that women undergo to keep the appearance beautiful considered as the process of highlighting of the hair. It may appear to be simple; though there are certain aspects and the precautions, you need to follow. This enables you to gain the best results of the highlighting done for your hair. You need to maintain the style and take care of it between highlights that makes it crucial.

Duration Of The Interval For Highlighting

It varies depending on the hairstyle and coloring of the hair. The hair coloring can be conducted every 3 to 5 weeks if you seek the best results. If you wait longer, the impact may become reduced considerably. If you go for the foil highlights, these can be done at every 6-8 week’s gap. This duration depends on the contrast between your natural hair color and the highlight. The foils are usually kept close to the scalp. It requires more regular attention to keep the fresh look.

The hairstyle also plays a vital role in this aspect. Balayage can be done every 3 months and the Ombre can be done in between 3 to 6 months. The glosses and the demi colors can be done as per your need for them. The double process color is bleaching and the toning should be on monthly basis.

Common Mistakes

You may be committing some of the common mistakes given below. Please follow the guidelines and avoid them to have a better hairdo and get hair highlighted.

  • Going To Bleach, Blond Instantly

If you seek to give a light shade to your hair, take the option of having the onbre. You can try the darker shade of the blonde. Let the switching is done gradually.

  • Checking The Various Types Of Highlights

You have several options now and the foils are not the only option for you. Balayage or the painted highlight is getting more popular now. It is also healthier for your hair. Foils are your only option when you decide to get it done all over the blonde hair.

types of highlights

  • Ask Right Questions

You need to learn the facts about the highlighting if you are going for it for the first time. If it is done as per the choice of the hair doer randomly, it may not suit your hair. You may not like its appearance.

Ensure to learn the status of the highlight and the impact on your hair before you undergo it.