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The 5 best romantic haircuts, that make men crazy

A gentle, femininity and sensuality – exactly such qualities attract men. In order to achieve this, most women dress up in beautiful dresses, wear shoes with high heels and put light makeup. But not every girl pays attention to hairstyle. And after all such detail of image can underline a delicacy and defencelessness any woman, especially if this is a romantic haircut. Some of them will look at this article.

  1. Cascade

Such laminate haircut is very similar to a waterfall. It gives hair volume and makes image womanly. This hairstyle nice suits for long hair. Especially beautiful it looks on wavy strands. In this case, the haircut is aerial, and themselves curls are curly. And to underline the beauty of cascade strands can be the following types of coloration:

  • highlighting;
  • status;
  • ombre.

Also, the cascade has many other interesting variants. Such hairstyle may be with a bang, and maybe without it,   asymmetrical, and may be smooth. But, in order to wear such haircut, you will have to pack it every day.

  1. Ladder

The ladder comes to us from the ’70s and still is very popular. It loved for originality, tidiness, smooth transitions and beauty. Also, such haircut is simple in the packing, great looks on the long hair and allows to model face oval. Profiled tips and highlighting give to image a volume and romantic. But if you have split tips, at first heal them and only then do this haircut.

  1. Graduated caret 

This mix with classic caret and cascade makes image elegant and romantic. A shortened nape and elongate front strands in the form of a ladder suitable for both the young lady and a woman of solid age. And since such haircut gives additional volume, it perfectly fits owners of thin strands. Also graduated caret is an ideal variant for women with curly hair. It focuses on lightness and pomp curly curls. 

  1. Multi-layered bob

A haircut, representing a combination of bob and ladder, is hello from the ’90s. It is a very feminine variant, that tincture to the image a touch of lightness and romance. Multi-layered bob is universal, because suitable for both straight and curly hair. In addition, it can be worn on the work, walks, and dates. In the last case, such haircut looks very interesting, if slightly to twist tips inside. 

  1. Haircut with slanting bang 

A bang is an image detail, that perfectly hides any disadvantages whether low forehead, wrinkles or not ideal hairline. Also such haircut great suits to romantic natures, especially if it with slanting bang, falling on the face. This variant makes the image more gentle and soft. Slanting bang combines well with short, middling and long hair. 

Take a look at all these haircuts. Among them necessarily there is a variant, which gives your image airiness and romantic, as well as makes a man’s heart to beat faster.