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What haircut to choose by hair color

To select a haircut need not only for face shape but also for hair color. After all well-chosen hairstyle hides defects and underlines beautiful sides of appearance: lovely incision and eye color, ideal eyebrow and nose shape or juicy swelling of lips. Also, it makes the image harmonious. You will find out, what hairstyles suit for light, dark, and red hair colors in this article.

Haircuts for blondes

Blondes were lucky. Because any variant suits them. And no matter what shade hair: wheat, golden, honeyed, ashen, platinum or silver. Below we will look at hairstyles, that help you to create an image, whether romantic, gentle, stylish, sexual or cheeky.


  • In the style of Marilyn Monroe. Torn edges, many layers, curls, and platinum hair color add to the image bright and sexual. And if to make up lips by red lipstick, you will look like a legendary Hollywood pop star.


  • Caret. This is an ideal decision for owners of straight hair short and medium length. Very interesting, fresh and unusually such variant looks and on the wavy strands with a straightened asymmetrical bang. 
  • Bob. This is a classic haircut for blond girls. It gives volume to thin hair and animates. 
  • Pixie. If you have a beautiful neck, this ultrashort variant underlines its elegant line. Such hairstyle is good because it can be supplemented shaved temples, highlighting, shaved nape or additional volume. 
  • Cascade on the blondes looks volume and very beautiful. Especially effective in tandem with shatush, ombre, and coloring. And if lightly to twist strands, you will get the romantic image.

Haircuts for brunettes

The same hairstyles, that look perfect on the blondes, are suited for brunettes with expressive features, dark or bright skin and brown, green or blue eyes. This is a caret, cascade, pixie, bob. Also ideal for owners of dark hair are a ladder, asymmetry, sessun, undercut.

The ladder on brunettes looks in a special alive and brightly. Such hairstyle is good with both straight and twisted strands. Asymmetrical haircuts with one short, and another long side as if created for cheeky and creative image. The sessun will like lovers of a classic. Such variant looks very elegantly and gracefully. The undercut was once considered only male haircut, but today it gives courage to the dark female hair.  

Haircuts for owners of red strands

For red-haired cheerful belles, the fittest fox’s tail, elf, and haircuts with curly hair. A fox’s tail called so not without purpose. The peculiarity of this haircut is that it has the interesting triangular edging, similar on a fox’s tail, that there is on the bottom edge. An elf is an ultrashort haircut with a straight or slanting bang. Such variant underlines features. And long haircut on the curly hair gives to image a playful touch. 

Picking up haircut by hair color right, you make your image harmonious, bright and stylish.